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Following the arrival of my first child and a move to a new region (to improve my quality of life) which led me to quit my job, I felt the need for support to help me gain clarity at a time when my life was going through some major changes.

My first call to Maxime reinforced my desire to be supported, and it became obvious.

His exceptional ability to listen, combined with his innate empathy, his life experience and his professionalism, immediately put me at ease and in a confident frame of mind.

These months together enabled me to take stock, to find my bearings, to prioritise my life, to give myself a direction and above all to gain serenity and inner alignment.

Above and beyond his agile coaching method, it's above all Maxime's personality, unfailing commitment, humanity, gentleness and full presence that I remember most. It nourished, inspired and uplifted me.

This caring and enveloping support has been salutary and I recommend it unreservedly to anyone who wants to (re)find themselves and/or start a new dynamic.

Thank you Maxime for the journey you've taken and the joy you've shared!


Ludovic, Alsace, France.

Témoignage de Ludovic

Témoignage de Ludovic

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I met Maxime at a wellness fair/forum and he inspires me with kindness, benevolence, gratitude, joy, sincerity, mutual aid and many others.


Maxime has been supporting me in my development for about 3 months. It's always a pleasure to have a smiling person at each session. Listening to others and above all without judgment, I can speak freely, he knows how to put me at ease and he inspires confidence in me, because Maxime is a trustworthy person.


So far the sessions have allowed me to know myself, to know what makes me happy or not, to know what makes me gain or lose energy, in order to become a little more aligned every day with my values. I was able to find my own balance, between my professional and personal life and the realization of my dreams. I gain clarity on my life path.


I have already read several personal development books, but the difference with Maxime is that the sessions are tailor-made according to my request/needs, I progress at my own pace and Maxime motivates me to become the person I am. I wish to embody in the future. The most incredible thing is that he is more invested in my own dreams and pushes me to think bigger while respecting my wishes and desires. Whereas with a book, we progress more slowly, because we don't necessarily have the motivation to read regularly, then it's not complete and when there are passages that we don't understand, we're alone with ourselves facing our unanswered questions.


Thank you Maxime for your trust, patience and respect through our sessions.

Nolwenn, Aquitaine, France.

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