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How long does this support last?

On average, the support extends over 15 sessions of one and a half hours.

What are the effects for the people you supported?

They demonstrate a lot of clarity, hope, confidence, and a deep enthusiasm for what they wish to feel and explore in this life. Synchronicities and manifestations multiply and fluidity takes place!

I invite you to read their sharings in the “testimonials” section of this site.

Are the sessions held in person or remotely?

I offer this support remotely, via Zoom, or in person if we are geographically close.

Is 100% remote support as effective?

It’s a concern regularly shared by the people I meet… But yes, the support is just as effective! I have accompanied people living in other countries, other regions, other cities, and you can read their comments on the "Testimonials" page on this site.

I believe that we are all connected and we can feel this essential connection whatever the means of meeting.

How do I know if this support is right for me?

I suggest a telephone conversation to find out. This call is free.

It allows us to target the difficulties you may encounter and define your intentions. Depending on your feelings and mine, we will choose if we agree to walk this path together!

You can contact me using the form on the "contact" page for the free call!

What makes this approach unique?

I think we are all unique. Based on this principle, I wish to adapt my support in order to meet everyone’s objectives. I use tools and techniques that I personalize and adjust to each context, keeping the focus on the direction agreed upon together.

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