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The approach I advocate is the fruit of my own initiatory journey and of all the transformative experiences that have punctuated my life path and that of the people I have met to date

I grew up with a lot of the conditioning that is typical of our Western society: the relationship to money, work, social status, productivity, social norms and so on. 

After graduating with a Master's degree in International Business in France and an MSc in Human Resources in the UK, I spent 7 years working in Human Resources and recruitment in several European countries, juggling between American multinationals and Indian start-ups, in worlds as varied as fashion, technology and the automotive industry. I lived an active life, at the pace of the city, surrounded by people I cared about, with a clearly predetermined life plan.

I was gradually ticking the boxes of a life model that was supposed to make me fulfilled.

I met psychologists, who accepted my need for change and at the same time treated my need to belong to the model, but I didn't allow myself to actively dream about other things that might have distanced me from it.

My mum left this world in 2015. The beginning of a profound quest for meaning.

"Do we know what we really want to experience in this precious life? And what's stopping us?

So I set off on a journey around the world that turned into a profound inner journey. I met shamans, ancestral medicines and practices, therapists, psychologists, holotropic breathers, coaches, healers and mediums. I began to question, study, practise, experiment and feel what guides us towards what is deeply meaningful for us, while identifying the unconscious mechanisms that keep us away from it. I began a profound personal, spiritual and professional transition.
























I gradually redesigned my environment, my rhythm and my lifestyle, went back to school to change career direction, and moved to sunny Barcelona. But certain conditioning factors were still present.


So I made a more radical change, once again leaving the city, my job, my social references... I went to live in the south of Portugal and in the Spanish countryside, reconnecting more deeply with nature, getting involved in projects dedicated to the Earth, to communities, to caring for people. This time, I was redrawing each of the lines of what would constitute my ideal life, experimenting with what mattered most to me, moving away from the landmarks of security and getting closer to nature.

Identifying what enables us to live a life aligned with our inner source and our deepest aspirations became my priority.

My mission now is to pass this on, to enable everyone to feel perfectly aligned with what resonates deep within us and to free us from what prevents us from doing so.

I support people who are in this transitional phase, using a wide range of techniques, tools and approaches that I've tried out and that have been inspired by transpersonal psychology, brief therapies and expanded states of consciousness, as well as by yogic philosophy, tantrism, personal development, coaching and permaculture. All these perspectives speak to us about the same thing: the essence of life.

My primary intention today is to accompany people through this transitional phase using a precise, proven and individualised method. At the end of this support, the inner tools worked on together will become compasses for everyday life. So that everyone can choose their own path based on what they feel is essential to experience in this life!

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